Announcing Stroke Challenges!

We are incredibly excited to launch Stroke Challenges! As stroke caregivers and program administrators ourselves, we recognize the incredible work by leaders in stroke programs across the nation. We also recognize the lack of resources for programs to be successful. With this in mind, Stroke Challenges was born! We are working to create a place for stroke leaders to grow their knowledge on how to best manage stroke programs. We hope this space provides a place for leaders to connect, stay current on issues impacting stroke programs and find practical tools to implement immediately to better their programs.

We started by creating two eBooks; one eBook discusses how to manage a stroke performance improvement (PI) program and to create the best PI presentation during a certification review. The second Ebook provides a step-by-step guide for creating a knock-out opening presentation for your certification review. As stroke program consultants, we found the opening presentation and management of a PI program to be common deficits within stroke programs. Now, you can access these eBooks to improve your knowledge and skills in both areas! You can also purchase the eBooks with a Virtual session where our stroke program experts will review your presentation(s) and provide feedback to further improve your review experience.

Please also visit our Blog space. We plan to release blog posts at least weekly that provide practical advice and guidance, free of charge! Finally, we would love for this to be a conversation! Please connect subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages! This is only the beginning. We hope, in the coming months, to continue to develop practical tools for stroke leaders, including webinars and maybe even a podcast or two! We are excited to take this journey together!

Sincerely, Sarah & Debbie, Co-founders of Stroke Challenges