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Increasing Stroke Program Focus on Social Drivers of Health (SDoH)

Understanding the social drivers of health (SDoH) and health-related social needs (HRSN) is critical to creating equitable care for patients.

Stroke Program Research in the Non-Academic Setting

It might seem like a huge leap for programs operating in non-academic environments to meet the requirement for patient-centered research when seeking a Comprehensive Stroke Center designation. But we’ve seen many programs successfully navigate this challenge.

Stroke Program Research – From PSC to CSC – Strategies for Success

As stroke program leadership ponder taking a Primary Stroke Center (PSC) to Comprehensive Stroke Center (CSC) status, one of the more common challenges is how to scale a stroke research program to meet the research standard. Today, we offer suggestions for scaling and sustaining a stroke research program and successfully navigate CSC certification. 

Stroke Program Research: A Challenge for Even the Biggest and Best

Comprehensive Stroke Centers (CSCs) certified by The Joint Commission, DNV and ACHC are expected to maintain a program of research generally defined as a study requiring International Review Board (IRB) approval and active enrollment of patients. Who better to accept this responsibility than CSCs with the largest and most acute patient populations?

Outpatient Stroke Care: The Next Frontier?

National trends continue to predict that healthcare will move from an inpatient model to an outpatient model over the coming years. This shift is already underway and driven by multiple factors. As this shift occurs, those in acute stroke management may be left wondering about the impact on stroke care.

Are The Financial Tough Times Behind Us?

A new reality is upon us! Hospitals are experiencing unprecedented challenges in maintaining operations at a profitable level. What can you do, as a stroke program leader, to help mitigate financial worries of your organization and support the hospital and/or system’s 2023 strategic priorities?
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